My round the world travel inspiration.

Before my first G Adventures tour in South Africa/Namibia, and before the first season of Departures aired, my only real travel experience was a week long vacation at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. The type of travel these 3 guys did was completely foreign in my world. Long term travel and around the world adventures wasn't part of my vocabulary. I came from a work-o-holic family and the only family vacation we ever took, was when I was around 5 years old, to Taiwan.

Scott, Justin and Andre's passionate travel series got me off my ass and go experience the world. What I've done so far, could probably last 2 life times, and I'm hardly finished.

The DVD/Blu-Ray sets are definitely worth purchasing. I have the original DVD set, ordered them the second they were available and I can't tell you how many times I've watched them. I kept a copy on my laptop, and would watch an episode or two, on quiet days, or on days I felt burnt out and needed a little motivation. 

Photos from my Petra trip: Petra set