Travel Gear: Nikon

This used to be my original travel setup, consisting of a Nikon D90, and quite a few lenses, plus a SB-400 ultra compact flash. When I first started my round the world trip, it was just 3 lenses: the Nikon 50mm f1.4, Sigma 10-20mm and Nikon 70-300mm. Two years later, I added the Nikon 16-35mm lens and sold the Simga. And another year afterwards added Nikon's 85mm f1.4, swapped the SB-400 for a SB-700 flash. I have no idea what I was thinking and can only chalk it up to G.A.S. - gear acquisition syndrome. One of most shocking things never to happen to all this gear, that I shoved in between my main backpack and day backpack, and typically left lying around in hostel dorm rooms, nothing ever went missing. But oddly enough, had a few, freshly laundered shirts, voluntarily relieved of its duty by other travelers.  Nowadays, my only Nikon gear left is a FE2 film camera.

Shooting digital, I've made the switch to a mirrorless camera and can't imagine going back to a bulky DSLR again. The advantages a DSLR once had over compact cameras, especially for long term travel that includes ocean and desert crossings, wandering the streets of densely populated cities, to multi week treks, mirrorless is really the way to go.