Benefits of long term travel No. 4

Impatient people who are used to the Internet will find that travel is slow and full of nuisance and delay - that there’s no instant gratification. Or that there’s only one bus or train a week and you might get stuck. They haven’t got the patience for it but that’s what travel teaches you. Temperamentally, people are less suited to travel than ever because the Internet is so quick in offering answers, but they’re not always the right answers. So there is more reason than ever to travel but there are fewer people willing to put up with the nuisance of it these days.
— Paul Theroux

There are no shortcuts to travel. When days turned into weeks, turned into months and turned into years, it wasn't so much the destination anymore. It was the in between moments, the pee break next to a small pop up restaurant in the middle of nowhere, half asleep, dazed, half confused, having lost all perceptions of time and space; looking forward to a new hostel bunk, then doing it all again in a few days.