The end is the beginning

Day 1128, blog post number one.

I've finally decided it's time to put my travels into words, maybe it'll be entertaining, or insightful, but it'll deffinitely be true to life.

Gone is the honeymoon phase of longterm travel. I don't wake up every afternoon anymore and wonder if I'll find myself a little bit of magic today. I have a routine now, it's as exciting as a sunburn to the lips - what are todays Apple rumors, the latest info about cameras and lenses, (still fantasizing owning a Leica M9-P and a 50mm Summilux) spending an hour browsing and around 2pm, wonder what the hell should i have for breakfast. I won't tell you about my passion for travel, my love for adventure and experiencing new countries, cultures and food. I continue to travel because it's better than the dozen or so alternatives I can think of right now.

This is the first iteration of my site, it'll go through many more until I figure things out. I've held it off until now because I wanted the first iteration to be the only iteration. I wanted my site to be a game changer, I wanted it to be 10x better than the best travel blogs. I think I've been wrong, instead I've realized I need to start now, fail often, learn quickly and iterate mindfully and decisively. 


View of Doi Suthep Mountain from my apartment. Chiang Mai, Thailand

View of Doi Suthep Mountain from my apartment.

Chiang Mai, Thailand