A backpacker's life - No. 1

Brisbane, Australia - 2011

It was dinner time in the hostel, the kitchen and dining area was packed with people. It's always a curious and amazing thing to see, what meal a backpacker can throw together on a minimalist budget. Typically, some thought and planning is put into the meal beforehand. Rice vs. pasta, chicken vs. beef, a side salad or stir fried veggies, a meal that's going to taste pretty good and cover most nutritional requirements. On this particular day, one backpacker will completely blow this concept out of this universe. I was already well into my meal of chicken wings (so good, they were from Woolworths) and from where I was sitting in the dining area, I could see clearly into the kitchen and directly at this master chef backpacker. The young chap was cooking spaghetti and my best guess, it looked to be about half a box. It was drained then dumped into the largest bowl he could get - a tough thing to do when a hostel kitchen is running at full capacity. He brought over his massive bowl of plain spagetti, a fork and salt. He seasoned his mountainous bowl of yellow noodles with the salt, then dug into it. I left before seeing him finishing it all up, but the look on his face said it all, "day 157, spaghetti with salt for dinner, again".