Olympus 15mm lens, quite possibly the best lens (for shooting haunted houses)

The second best thing about the new Olympus 15mm lens is the price, it's only $60 and it fits in your pants pocket. It's literally a lens you can bring with you anywhere. When I go out shooting, I typically bring along just a single lens and that's the Panasonic/Leica 25mm lens, it's almost permanently attached to my Olympus OM-D. This 15mm lens gives just enough of a wide angle view for quick and dirty shots when the occasion demands it. Don't count on this lens to win any awards for picture quality, you're getting exactly what you're paying for. The lens is also fixed at f8, but combined with the Olympus OM-D's excellent low light capabilities and it's 5 axis image stabilization that's solid like a granite block, almost any shot is possible. Understand the strengths and characters of this lens and it'll be loads of fun.

These photos were taken at a "haunted house", in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I'm currently staying after completing my around the world travel adventures. I've passed by this eery looking place dozens of times on my way back home, but until last week, its always been fenced off with barbed wire. The very little information I've been able to dig up on google, is that the two buildings belonged to a wealthy family, until the father went crazy and did a murder suicide thing and the family now haunts the home. But everything I've read has been from people who heard it from someone else and that person heard it from someone else.

The white building was never completed and wandering around inside, it doesn't appear to be a family home. The house in the back was completed and is likely where the haunting occurs... or where the current "residences" reside. The whole place was just creepy and all I could imagine was a ghost tapping on my shoulder from behind. Funny thing, I don't believe in ghosts.